Standing, looking out my door,
I wonder just what is in store.
In the future, will I be,
Just a shell of what once was me?
Will I remember days gone by,
And sit and stare, weep and cry?
Or with gladness, greet each day,
And thank the Lord, that I could stay,
To live for Him a little longer,
In my faith, to get stronger?
Will the years be kind to me?
And with my own eyes, will I see
The children that have come to stay,
And hug my neck and laugh and play?
Will I remember on future days,
My dear friends that have passed away?
Will I think of days filled with joys,
Remembering life with our boys?
Will I recall the pain and tears,
Of losing Dale, at just eighteen years?
Will I think of things to be,
When with Jesus, I shall see,
My loved ones that have gone before,
And greet them on that golden shore?
Will I always feel within my heart,
That from Jesus, I will never part?
Will I remember my Lord above,
Has always shown me His true love?
Will I say, when death comes to call,
That to live for Christ was worth it all?
Jesus has prepared the way,
For me to meet Him on that day.
Yes, Jesus will provide the strength,
For me to go the entire length
Of the path He set for me;
Because, in Him, I do believe.
To the question, I now reply,
Before that instant that I die,
And hear God's final call,
Yes, to live for Christ was worth it all!

Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©



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