The night after my son's death,
I thought that I would never rest.
Total sadness overwhelmed my mind,
No peace or comfort could I find.
Then in a dream (my sadness shows),
Despair within, truly grows.
The place was quiet and white,
Lit up only by moonlight.
In this place, (a place I did not know),
I was walking in what looked like snow.
A creature stood within the light,
And I longed for comfort on that night.
And though his appearance filled me with fright,
I drew closer to him on that night.
He looked like a dog, yet he was not.
(And I knew his company--I hadn't sought.)
Still, he appeared lofty and noble, really quite grand
And I watched as he surveyed this snow-white land.
As he caught his breath and his nostrils flared
I could tell he relished the taste of the crisp, clean air.
He was a snow-white wolf, proud and free
And now he was looking directly at me!
His eyes were intent and perfectly clear,
He was not afraid--he showed no fear!
But, I did not wish to have him near,
And in my eyes, welled up a tear.
Deasiring to get out of his sight,
I screamed and ran through the snow and into the night.
I never stopped to look back
To see if he followed or tried to attack.
Apparently, he did not catch me in the dream,
Nor even chase me,so it seems.
Yet, my memory recalls--how beautiful the scene,
Everything was so white and clean.
The white wolf seemed in complete control,
Of all the scene he could behold.
All this beauty drew me newr
To the one thing (the white wolf) that I did fear.
I was filled with awe,
Yet, danger lurked in all I saw.
Now a question fills my mind,
The answer, I must surely find.
Will I face the end with dignity and grace--
Or run away, as I did in the dream--place?
To part of my life, this (Dale's death) was an end,
And there is no way to pretend
That his death did not make a change
For all our life has been re-arranged.
But, we must find the courage to go on
Until our days on earth are completely gone.

Susan Elaine Collins ©

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