A quiet place this seems to be,
Here among these swaying trees;
I hear quiet whispers in the wind...
They are soundless voices blending in.
I walked slowly among the graves,
They are resting places for the brave.
These are souls that have gone on before,
Had fought their fights and won their war.
They all had to choose right or wrong;
Some, with Jesus, walked along.
These are the ones saved by grace,
Their Savior--they can now embrace.
So many souls have passed this way.
Many lingered, wished to stay.
They walked along hand in hand,
All left footprints in the sand.
We cannot walk this way again,
We must continue to life's end.
All those souls who will come at the last
Will watch our footprints from their past.
Soon all our hopes and all our dreams,
All our thoughts and memories,
Will be whispers in the wind...
Soundless voices blending in.

By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©







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