In the quiet of the morning,
Just as the day is dawning;
I reflect upon a peacefulness,
That is perhaps a space of timelessness.
I'm caught in the twilight
between past and present;
Where the shadows loom
so very pleasant.
Past times venture from behind,
To touch the present of my mind.
The future awaits, still untold,
For the tragedy of the past to unfold.
But, for the moment,
what once was me...
Can return to a life of normalcy.
I can watch my children run,
laugh and play...
Caught up in the joy of another day.
Their toys are scattered everywhere;
But, they run to me when I appear!
They kiss my cheek
and hold onto my hand
(There is no pain within this twilight land!)
But, soon the day breaks bright and new
And these shadows flee and bid adieu.
My time returns to its' steady pace;
Where I am reminded of my earthly race.
Soon the bustle of the morning scene
Chases away my pleasant dream.
So, I forge ahead in reality,
To reach my goal...Eternity!

Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©

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