A traveler climbs down the mountain side
He enters a valley deep and wide.
Fog surrounds him on all sides;
The path ahead--it obscures and hides.
In his heart, he hears a heavenly song,
Telling him where he surely belongs.
The Light shines softly in his way,
It helps him step beyond today.
He does not know what lies ahead,
But this traveler must follow where--he is led.

Dark shadows loom on every side,
And he hears the roar of the raging tide.
There is just enough of a glow from the Light
To lead him safely throughout the night.
But, he must walk cautious, very carefully,
To pass the dangers he cannot see.
"It's okay", a strange voice may say,
"You can wander from the chosen way",
But if he listens--he might be eternally lost,
And that would be an awful cost.

The traveler is tiring. The journey seems long.
But up ahead he once again hears a heavenly song.
Each day the Lord has helped him to get stronger,
He assures him, "It's not much longer".
The Lord has touched his path and made it straight,
To lead him to the heavenly gate.
"Come to me", calls a kind and gentle voice.
His journey ended--the traveler can rejoice.
He follows this familiar, loving, voice into the Light.
Everything wrong, is now made right.
The veil has lifted, now the traveler can see...
The vast expanse of Eternity!

Poem by Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©

Original painting by Greg Olsen







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