I walk within the shadows,
Stepping to the highs from my lows.
Between the memories of my mind,
I'm living here...between the lines.
Deep within these shadows,
My daylight barely shows.
But, a golden glow of brightness,
Casts the promise
of a new morning lightness.
Here I meet myself...all alone,
For in these shadows is my home.
Here I'm safe from pain and sorrow,
Filled with that promise
of a bright, new tomorrow.
God  is here and in control...
He is the master of my soul.
The words He speaks, only I can hear,
And He calms and soothes my every fear.
Here my joy will never cease,
And my soul embraces sweet release.
Loved ones who've gone, inhabit my shadows,
And my love for them warmly glows.
We touch hearts and whisper memories,
While I await Eternity.
Bright and golden stands the promise...
Tomorrow is beyond the mists.
God will call me from these shadows--
To walk among the rainbows.
Soon the veil will drop, and I will see--
The loved ones of my memories...
walk within reality.
All shadows vanish into Eternity...
Tomorrow has arrived for me!


By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©



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