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~Quiet Whispers~

Welcome.  All of my poems were written after the
sudden death of my youngest son, Dale, in an auto accident
July 28, 1997, (10 days after his 18th birthday). The first poem
I wrote was titled, simply, Dale.  I wrote it for his 20th birthday.
(You can find it under the Poems of Sorrow)

Most of my poems are religious in nature, because Christ
is the center of my life.  The only way I have gotten
through these past six years is by the grace of God,
a lot of prayer, a wonderful family and a lot of very
good, kind and helpful friends. 

Susan Elaine Collins


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William Dale Collins
July 18, 1979 - July 28, 1997
Beloved son of Billy & Susan Collins


People deal with their grief in many different ways.
I feel that God is helping me deal with my loss by writing poetry.
A Breath Away is the book I wrote about learning to live with the loss of our son.

Quiet Whispers is my second book on the path to healing. My hope is that someone will feel encouraged by my writing.

You can purchase my books by clicking on their pictures above. Thank you and God Bless You.






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