I sat and rested where I could'nt be seen...
I let my mind wander through my summer's dreams.
Many were realized, some just a whim
Others entangled with my wish to be thin.
Some dreams were undone, left unfulfilled...
Many were outlines upon which one could build.

My loved ones encroached upon some of my dreams,
Their thoughts and their feelings had to enter my scheme.
We had to remember that all must partake,
Our happiness depended on a little "give and take".
Intermingling our wishes and most of our dreams,
"Being together" was our common theme.

We had big plans to drive most everywhere,
Visit strange places and buy things to wear.
We envisioned fun at the parks, a sail on the lake,
Eating plenty of food and go shop 'til we ache.
At the beginning of summer, these ideas seemed clear,
But as summer is ending--they just disappear.

All the hustle and bustle made for good times...
But, ah, the quiet-times--they were sublime!
Sitting and relaxing while minutes ticked away...
Gave time to relish the memory of a very good day.
We would let down our guard--no airs or pretense...
We'd relax with a book or visit old friends.

As I rest--I dream of one more walk in the park...
In the cool of the day, just before dark.
Holding hands with the one I love and adore...
We'd simply watch our children play and explore.
Yes, I will savor this last summer's day...
Until this summer's dreams have faded away.

Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©


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