I looked around the basement room,
Would my task be filled with gloom?
Many memories are stored down here
Amongst the boxes, trunks and gear.
Many things were thrown around,
Unused gadgets could be found,
Books and papers were piled so high,
They looked like mountains reaching the sky.
At least I was not out in the hot sun,
But, this will be work, not fun.
The air was musty
And the room extremely dusty.
After long hours and much sweat,
It looked like my goal could be met.
The looks of the basement sure were changed.
But, then I spied the rocking chair
Behind the boxes, by the side of the stairs.
I had forgotten it was here
And in my eyes welled up a tear.
Memories overflowed and constantly repeat;
As I touched the well-worn seat.
The rocker looked so forlorn and all alone;
But, it had been a blessing in our home.
My husband bought the chair for me
Before we started our family.
He searched so very long,
To find a good one, sturdy and strong.
I rocked our babies on many nights,
By the window in the moonlight.
While the rocking motion soothed their fears
And put them to sleep without many tears.
As the children grew,
They loved the rocking chair too.
It always seemed to be
The prized seat for each of them and for me.
The rocking chair had seen many happy days
But, when we moved it was put away;
Hopefully, not forgotten with all the rest,
For its' memories were some of the best.

By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©







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