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The reflections of
a summer's day,
Can touch your heart
in many ways.
Daily chores will fade away,
When precious memories
recall and earlier day.
For me--I remember
the life a child once lived,
A sweet young boy
with much to give.
An accident took him
on his way home,
Now I am here, sad and alone.
But, Jesus died that we might live!
Because of Him...
my son still lives!
Not in a body of earthly clay,
(For on this earth,
he could not stay).
He was called home to Heaven,
while he was still young,
(He had run his race
and he had won!)
He joined the others waiting still
For time to end and be fulfilled.
When they take a step
back into our time...
We'll join them on the other side.
With Jesus we will ever be...
In the timelessness of Eternity!
So, the reflections
of a summer's day,
Can point to a future
that's not far away!
Poem and Painting
By Susan Elaine Collins ©



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