A shadowy figure stepped from among the trees,
Her head was covered as protection from the cold winter breeze.
Her shoulders were stooped, her head hung low;
She was ever careful her face did not show.
The falling snow, so pretty and clean
Covered her footprints so none could be seen.
Slowly she walked, straight to his grave...
She always remembered the promise he gave.
She stood and looked at the cold, hard stone;
She shivered and uttered a low muffled groan.
She remembered their love, how it blossomed and grew;
Her memories were precious, but alas, far too few.
She was holding a red rose, clasped to her heart,
(While inside she felt she would soon break apart.)
Tears were forming and flooding her soft blue eyes,
(She had never wanted to tell him "good-bye"!)
Gently she placed the rose on his stone,
Freely her tears fell--she felt so alone.
The plans they had made lay tattered and torn,
By the side of the road, 'midst the sounds of a horn.
Gentle rains had come and gone; flowers wilted and blew away.
The years were composed of many long days.
However, she had faith in his promise made that last night,
(He knew his love for her was absolutely right!)
"I'll love you forever! I'll stay by your side!
No matter what happens, I will abide!"
But, the road had been long
and the day had been hard,
His body was weary, he let down his guard.
The accident happened in one moment in time,
He would now watch from the heavenly side.
Minutes passed; the snow stopped falling,
the clouds moved apart...
When just for an instant, a light touched her heart!
It spread across her to the beautiful rose,
It wrapped them both in a comforting glow.
Gently kissing the rose petals and caressing its' leaves;
The light somehow reminded her...she must always believe...
In the love they had felt, each for the other...
(There could never be another!)
She looked up and smiled, her head now held high;
As the light slowly vanished back into the sky.
The promise he gave is still true and sure;
(The love that they had will forever endure!)
She turned and walked with a lilt to her step
and joy in her heart.
She now knew for certain, though they were apart...
One day in the future, they would surely meet.
That meeting would be eternally sweet!
In Heaven's fair land, where life never ends;
These lovers would be together again!


By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©






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