There is one who knows all my fears,
One who dries all my tears.
There is one who always understands,
When I am in pain and feeling bad.
God's undying Love is here for me
He'll touch my heart and set me free.
Yes, there is one who cares for me,
I will meet Him in Eternity.

When death is calling at your door,
Whether you are rich or poor,
He will come and strike you down.
Wherever you are, you will be found.
But there is one who can help you cross the river.
From all life's harm He can deliver.
He brings everlasting life to you and me.
We can meet Him in Eternity!

God's Word speaks of things to be,
And tells us where we will live eternally.
Yes, follow His Word--for He has spoken.
Moreover, we surely must apply the Token.
We must possess a ture and perfect love,
If we are to rise to Heaven above.
I desire to meet the One, who died for me.
And live with Him, in Eternity.

By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©



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