Daniel, Dean and Dale were three musketeers,
Mighty and strong, without any fears.
They came to fight imaginary foes
And were sure to conquer imaginary woes.
They built a fort in the twins' bedroom...
Nighttime would be coming soon.
Draping blankets back and forth between the beds
Would give them cover and hide their heads.

Many plans were made to fight this war,
They collected their weapons and their stores.
The GI Joes passed out guns to the teddy bears,
(They would all try to help and do their share).
Candy bars would help them through tough times,
(For imaginary soldiers were gathering on all sides).
Sure that in the morning--these soldiers would attack
The boys must be prepared to fight them back.

When night fell, the boys lit an imaginary fire...
They were getting sleepy and began to tire,
So, they sang happy songs and told amazing stories...
They told of past wars, triumphs and glories.
The strategies of war were very well taught
In the telling of the battles these little boys had fought.
Soon sleep crept up on these three little boys
And they fell fast asleep among blankets and toys.

When morning came, the war had ended...
And their sagging fort was left unattended.
Candy wrappers and coke cans were left behind,
All remains of their war--telltale signs.
Hunger called them to come to the kitchen table
And they came running as fast as they were able.
With a new day arriving--the boys all agree...
Last night's war has become a vague memory.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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