We kids are hiding under the sheets and covers,
We are trying to avoid being discovered.
Is there anyone around to keep us safe?
We feel alone and afraid in this scary place!
We saw dark, ghostly monsters walking all around,
They sometimes moved without making a sound.
Tonight they stand about eight feet tall,
And they are moving slowly across our bedroom wall.
It's not hard to see them--but they are always black.
And we know for sure, they are hard to track.
They never leave footprints on the bedroom floor,
And you never, ever see them open a door.
They usually sneak around when there is wind and rain...
(I just don't see how they get through the windowpanes!
Sometimes they grumble, sometimes they shout.
Loud noises often accompany their walk-abouts.
Yikes, I hear them, there's some more!
They are shouting with a loud and nasty roars!
I see lightening bolts coming out of their eyes...
They light up our room and the nighttime skies!
Our teeth are chattering--we hold each other tight,
Tonight these monsters turned off our lights!
Is there anyone here to keep us safe?
We are so afraid in this dark, scary place.
Suddenly, I hear my name--Mom's calling me!
And now the lights have relit and I can see.
Mommy and Daddy appear and take our hands,
(Wow, we are happy--we are exceedingly glad!)
They give us bear hugs and pull us up close,
(They chased away monsters and terrible ghosts!)
Soon confidence returns where once was fear,
All monsters are forgotten here.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©
Background pencil drawing by Dale







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