The midnight raiders crept around,
They tried very hard to not make a sound.
The moonlight shone upon their way,
They giggled, but silence was the rule of the day.
Dark shadows were playing up on the walls...
Scary shadows that looked gigantic and tall.
But they matched the raiders every step,
And with silent gestures, their secrets were kept.
The raiders went through the hall and family room,
They were in a hurry to get "there" soon.
They are careful to remember the steps to take,
For this is quite an exciting adventure to make.
There will be cupboards to open in the dark of the night,
Will they see what they want in ghostly moonlight?
Will Mom and Dad hear some noise and figure it out?
If they come--they will know--without a doubt.
Questions were asked, but there were no replies,
So onward they go to the beckoning prize.
The kitchen is big and oh, so dark;
Still, they have finally arrived and found their mark.
They pull the corn meal and flour out on the floor,
Too much noise causes them to look beyond the door.
But the bedrooms are dark and they hear no voices,
They are content with their plan--they've made the right choices.
Pulling together, they open the freezer door,
The french fries teeter, then scatter across the floor.
Hamburgers are near and are the next to fall,
They roll along, then clatter like hard, flattened balls.
The boys find the electric skillet where it sits on its shelf,
One declares he can pour the oil by himself.
Everything's ready to make a fine snack,
The raiders are sure there is nothing they lack.
Suddenly, the darkness flees into the night.
Mom has arrived and turned on the light.
"Oh, no", the boys squeal and jump up to run,
"We've been caught, she's ruined our fun"!
Two little boys stand sheepishly in their pajamas,
Holding big spoons full of batter and upturned spatulas.
Flour covers their faces and puffs from their hair,
Mom smiles knowingly--they are quite a pair!
Mom scolds her little boys and tries to be firm.
There is difinately a lesson they should now learn.
However, she smiles as she takes them up in her arms,
She always was susceptible to their boyish charms.
There are plenty of kisses, and squeals of delight,
In her arms, near her heart, Mom holds them both tight.
Mom serves them a feast of milk, cereal and bread,
Then puts her sweet little boys back in their beds.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©






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