A child was born at break of day...
Eager to get started on his way.
He learned first from mom and dad,
The difference between good and bad.
With love, they pointed him to the right,
"Keep from the darkness, stay in the light.
Put Jesus first in your life,
He'll help you through the pain and strife".

Soon the child goes off to school,
He knows to follow the golden rule.
However, his teachers do relay,
Their thoughts to him by what they say.
Others try to guide his mind,
Not all of them are sweet and kind.
However, his mom and dad taught him well,
Their words have always "rung a bell."
As a teen, some kids turn mean,
Those kids try to tell him which way to lean.
But, with his Bible in his hand,
There, with Jesus, he makes his stand.
For the right, he will endeavor to stay
He will thank his parents on that Eternal day...
For pointing out the path to go,
The way to Christ, they were first to show.
As a full grown-man he looks around
His blessings abundantly abound.
He has Christ to guide him in his way.
And a wife and children to share his days.
Though his friends and family love and care,
Soon he discovers everyday will not be fair.
Troubles come to block and detour his road,
However, Jesus is there to help bear the load.
At the ending of his years,
Looking back, he has no fears.
He lived his life as best he could,
Doing what he thought he should.
There were no regrets for him to find,
Only peace is present in his mind.
With Jesus, now, he wants to be...
Letting go, his soul is free.

Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©


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