Let's pretend is a harmless children's game,
Could we pretend that life is the same?

Let's pretend...
you were five minutes late
And missed your intended fate.

Let's pretend...
you didn't die
And you are here and still alive.

Let's pretend...
you were safe that night,
Came in the room and turned on the light.

Let's pretend...
you married your true love
And had children, precious gifts from above.

Let's pretend...
you came home today
And brought your family to visit and play.

Let's pretend...
that your life was sweet
And you died of old age in your sleep.

However, let's pretend...cannot change,
Nor can let's pretend...rearrange.

What is to be, will be
If only we can see...

God knows the time that is best;
He is the One to call us home to rest.

Let's pretend...is a children's game;
Life is real and not the same.

By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©








Greg Olsen, artist, used with permission. 
Painting is entitled Bon Voyage