I speak from a grandparents' point of view...
Which is never wrong, always true.
Our grandchild is a very pretty little girl,
With big blue eyes and golden curls.
We see her only once a week,
But when we do she giggles and shreiks.
Her eyes sparkle and grow big and wide...
She is not shy--she will never hide.
With arms outstretched, she comes a running,
And grabs our necks to do some hugging.
If we bring her something new,
She's always polite and answers "Thank you".
She is always excited and full of joy,
Each time she receives a shinny new toy.
She picks them up with genuine pleasure,
And examines each one--as if a treasure.
She has twinkles in her eyes,
Her beautiful smiles seem to multiply.
She holds each toy very tight, so they don't stray...
If she should decide to start to play.
Grandpa and Grandma must always stay near,
And when it's time to go, she sheds many tears.
Of course we think she is extremely sweet...
She's the cutest child you'd ever meet.
And of course, she's bright, really quite smart...
(She'll be at the head of her class, when kindergarden starts!)
And for sure--at her feet, the boys will fall...
(They'll all be at her beck and call!)
And of course, she looks and acts just like we did...
(When we were small, just kids!)
However, two other people come to mind,
She seems to be just like them--combined!
We grandparents remember and must now admit...
She's like her Mom and Dad--a fifty percent split!
Now you know, I am speaking from a grandparents' point of view,
(Which is never wrong, always true!)

Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©

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