What care I, at getting old...
Since death is not the end, I'm told.
I may not look as fresh as dew,
I have wrinkles--and not a few.
My hair is slowly turning gray,
I am near the ending of my days.
However, I know what I have heard,
And it did not take me long to learn;
When I heard the Voice of God speaking,
I knew I had found what I was seeking.
God speaks with a Voice loud and clear,
To take away all my doubts and fear.
Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave,
With His Life, which He freely gave.
What care I, at getting old...
Since death is not the end, I'm told?
These eyes will close one final time,
Then I will wake up on the other side.
Loved ones watched and waited for me...
Now they greet me in Eternity!
Boundless Love will surround us there,
(Imagine what glories we will share).
Sometimes, I may wish to hurry along,
I am eager to sing a heavenly song.
However, we all must walk within God's plan,
We must follow His Word, the best we can.
When we cross the finish line of our earthly race,
We'll thank our God for His Saving Grace.

Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©
Photo By Daniel

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