The cowboy rises with the sun,
He knows there is much work needing done.
The morning breaks fresh with dew,
Reminding him when all was new.
The air smells clean, fresh and sweet,
So now is the time to meet
With his Lord and kneel and pray.
He will ask God to bless him on this day.
The cowboy dons the clothes of the west,
Dressing in jeans, chaps and vest.
He looks in the mirror, combs his hair,
All the while knowing, no steer would care!
He walks the walk, as cowboys do,
But, his voice is calm, his actions too.
This cowboy is not a rowdy man--
He lives for Christ the best he can.
The cowboy saddles up his faithful horse,
Together they cover life's daily course.
Her desire to please him is very strong,
His master's touch tells her--she belongs.
Through the catus and brush they gallop as one...
Chasing the shadows that flee from the morning sun.
His horse is smart--she'll do as told...
This cowboy's secure and in control.
The cowboy rides toward the west,
Across the lands he loves the best.
The sagebrush blows in the whistling wind,
You can hear coyote voices blending in.
They ride through canyons, narrow and deep,
They climb the hills, rocky and steep.
There is beauty to see at every turn,
This--a cowboy quickly learns.
God made this earth a wonderful place,
What a beautiful setting for our earthly race!
Today the cowboy thanks God for this special time,
And he enjoys the warmth and bright sunshine.
But, all too soon--the sun is slowly sinking down,
Now the cowboy hears a screeching sound.
He looks up--just in time,
To see one of God's eagles flying by!
The cowboy knows that life is short,
And he wishes to leave a good report.
He knows to follow the Message, be of good cheer...
The Lord will take away your worries and fear.
Yes, this cowboy knows the Lord has a plan.
On this promise he will stand.
Eternal Life we will receive...
If we will--ONLY BELIEVE!

By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©





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