There was tension in the crowd,
And many fans were gathering round.
Frightened as he was--he listened for his name,
They would call it out before the start of the game.
He was prepared and dressed all in white
He just hoped he was ready for the coming fight.
The schools were rivals and they came to play ball.
But neither desired to partake in a brawl.
The boy was young, just barely thirteen,
But he had always dreamed of being on the basketball team.
His stomach churned and tossed with big butterflies
He nervously wiped the sweat back from his eyes.
Yes, he was frightened, his heart was beating too fast
But he sure hoped he was up to this formidable task
He did not want to break an arm or worse--become lame.
He wanted to play throughout the entire game.
This was his first real game to play,
And he worried--he might throw the ball away.
The buzzer sounded, ringing quite loud,
His adrenalin flowed--much like the crowd.
The players ran back and forth across the court floor.
The pace was already an impossible chore!
Sweat ran freely down the young boy's face,
However, he was happy to be no other place.
After half-time came and went,
He was still in the game--giving one hundred percent.
Someone on the other team wildly threw the ball...
The young boy caught it, shot it, and watched it fall!
This time he made two points and raised the score,
By the end of the game, he had scored four more.
By helping his team--they won the game that day...
There would be many more games to play.
The years have passed and the boy became a man.
Since he never became a star--he became a fan.
He still watches a good game from beginning to end,
Rewinds his recorder and plays it again.
The Arizona Wildcats are his team.
If he could play with them--he would live his dream.
As a young boy, he always loved to play
That desire never left him--it's here to stay!

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©
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