We must not fear death's final call,
Nor hide, nor stumble, nor try to stall.
Jesus made the way safe,
With open arms, He awaits.
When this life meets our death
And we take our final breath;
Have no fear, we are not alone,
Loved ones are there to welcome us home.
The veil is lifted from our eyes
As we step across the heavenly tide.
Pain and suffering we leave behind,
Joy and love are what we find.
Our faces shine with God's light
And in heaven, everything is just right.
So, do not linger, do not hesitate;
When you can reach out and touch the heavenly gate.
Beyond the door, loved ones stand,
To welcome us home to the Promised Land.
Look for the light beyond the door;
And step upon the golden shore.
In that place there is perfect love, peace and rest;
Beyond the door,
is the home of the blessed.
Sketch of Cross By Dale
Poem By Susan Elaine Collins
August 2000 ©


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