Many years ago, I met a young man,
We talked of the future as he held my hand.
Then with a promise to marry,
and always be true,
He looked into my eyes and said, "I love you".
But we were young and very naive,
Our dream of "a lifetime together" was not to be.
That morning he came quite unexpectedly,
And I opened my door to his smile so sweet.
"I just wanted to see you, take hold of your hand,
And envision you wearing my little gold band".
Then he touched my face,
and whispered my name,
His love for me, he sweetly proclaimed.
He offered me a rose, so perfect and fine,
"I'll love you forever, I'm glad you are mine!"
He spoke so sincerely, he startled my heart...
So I assured him completely that we'd never part.
As he turned to go,
he tipped his hat and nodded his head,
But, what did I notice?  His shirt was blood red!

That was the last time I saw him--
the love of my life,
The day I had promised that I'd be his wife.
His rose was a token of his undying love,
I had laid it next to my figurine of two turtledoves.
I was perfectly happy as I lay in my bed,
Soon I dreamed of his rose--a beautiful red.
But, my dreams were unfinished;
I awoke with a start...
For it felt like a knife was stabbing my heart!
The phone was ringing with an ominous sound,
With the words that were spoken,
my tears were unbound.
By the side of the road, in the dim moonlight...
The one that I loved had been killed that night!
The days and the weeks passed slowly by,
And I often went to his grave to mourn and to cry.
But this time, my heart skipped a beat and I felt love within...
The missing joy in my heart returned once again.
I saw a perfect red rose growing from under his stone...
Now I knew in my heart--I'm never alone.

By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©







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