There are times when I am home alone,
That I would like to pick up the phone;
And make one wish, a simple request...
To return to the time I thought was the best.
Return me back to a little child
Where sweet, sweet dreams could still be found.
A time when mom and dad made a game of the chores
And soothed and kissed all my hurts, of course.
I could run and jump, laugh and play
And never have one worry all the day.
The only things I had to do...
Were wash my hands and go to school;
Obey my mom and dad
And always be happy-- never be sad.
They took care of all my wants and needs
And I followed wherever they chose to lead.
Back then--all was innocent bliss;
But, just look at all that I would miss
If I could wish and stay a child.
True love, I never would have found
And I never would have known
The way real friendship and loyalty are shown.
My babies could not have set upon my knee,
Or pointed at the wonders that they see.
The quiet, precious times with friends and family
Would have been unknown to me.
I never would have realized,
That life is a precious gift and must be prized.
We all must grow in stature and grace;
While living here--in this earthly place.
We must strive to do our best;
For on this earth, we live a test.
God will send rest for the weary soul,
And, with His help, we will reach our final goal.

Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©

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