Once I walked within a dream,
All alone, or so it seemed.
Trees were lined along my way,
But, from the path, I dared not stray
For darkness rose on every side,
And fear and pain fogged my mind.
I was in a valley deep,
Yet, I knew, my soul, the Lord would keep.
This valley seemed to last so long;
And I wondered if I had turned wrong.
But,in my heart, a song was heard,
And I tried to remember every word.
"My Lord from heaven above,
Speaks to me in tones of love".
And then I knew He'd take away the fear,
And brush away these many tears.
So, I'll keep walking along this earthly road--
He'll help me bear my heavy load.
Within the dream,
So real, it seemed,
A young man walked ahead of me.
As I walked faster, I could see,
That young man was my boy.
How, my heart did jump with joy!
My son was just a step ahead,
The road was shorter that he tread.
No longer did I shed a tear,
No longer was there fear.
Soon, I was walking by his side.
It was then I realized...
Once I climb that highest hill,
It will then be such a thrill;
To see all those who've gone before,
Waiting on the heavenly shore.
There my Jesus I will see
And be with Him eternally.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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