My precious son,
you have closed your eyes,
To wait until the ending of our time.
Your body may sleep within the ground,
But your soul and spirit are unbound.
And if I should take my final breath,
And go the earthly way of death,
Then together we shall be,
Our souls and spirits forever free.

But, Jesus said
these bodies will live again,
And we will return to claim them.
In that instant we'll be changed--
All our molecules will be re-arranged.
The bodies of the long-gone saints will awake,
When Jesus comes and morning breaks.
The redeemed of earth--living still,
Will find their prayers have been full-filled.

When we greet
the ones that have gone before,
Earthly cares will be no more.
These earthly bodies we'll all shed,
For Eternal Life is just ahead.
  In a celestial body we will rise,
To meet our Savior in the skies.
When Jesus comes to claim His own
And take us to our Heavenly home.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©








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