My husband was laying close by my side,
Sleep and dreams, he could find.
I was lying wide-awake
(So I could welcome the boys,
no matter how late).
Tonight they were not traveling together;
But, the days were warm
and filled with good weather.
About 11:20,
I heard his truck come up the drive,
I was so happy and glad that he had arrived.
The lights played and danced
through the window blinds,
Glinted off the mirror and into my eyes.
I heard his truck motor come to a stop;
Then I heard the noise of his key
in the front door lock.
The door opened and shut,
not making much noise.
Still, I was certain it was my youngest boy.
Soon, I heard the squeek
from him climbing the stairs
And the rustle of clothes
being thrown on his chair.
These familiar sounds came from his room
And I waited to greet him--
he would be in here soon.
He never failed, he always came by,
Looked in the door,
tipped his hat and said, "Hi".
But, now the sound of silence
was all that I heard
And I jumped from my bed to try to learn...
What was wrong?  Where was he?
(He had never been one to worry me!)
But, his room was dark, so I turned on his light
And glanced around this familiar sight.
Nothing was moved,
the room was quiet and still;
And I shivered just like I was catching a chill.
Alarms were now ringing
somewhere in my head
And I tripped and almost fell
by the foot of his bed.
More chills started running
up and down my back
And I wondered aloud about where he was at.
I awakened my husband
when I went back to my room;
He said, "Don't worry,
he'll be coming home soon".
An hour later, our world turned inside out;
I wanted to scream, I wanted to shout...
They said our son had been killed
in a traffic accident!
But, I know that from God,
the angels were sent:
(At 11:20 p.m., just a little before
I went to his room and turned on his light!)
They welcomed him home
to Heaven that night.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©






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