I cried too many tears today,
They fell upon the pillow where I lay.
When death reaches out and takes a child,
There seems no comfort can be found.
The path ahead looks long and dark,
Death leaves behind a nasty mark.
That crushing feeling in my heart,
Makes me feel like I will break apart.
The sun can never shine again,
Everything joyful--now must end!
No birds can sing,
The bells can't ring.
You feel a thousand tons press on your chest...
And you wish to escape to your final rest.

But death has not the final say,
For Jesus Christ leads the way.
He conquered death, hell and the grave,
With His Life--which He freely gave.
We bury our bodies in the ground,
But, we will rise again--we have found.
When death comes calling at our door,
Another body is in store.
For in it our spirits will reside...
Until the resurrection time.
Across the river, at the end,
We will all be together again.
When this time is done and is no more,
We'll be with Jesus forevermore.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©

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