February 3, 1941--September 8, 2000

RICHARD was a native of Lebanon, Pa.
His parents were the late Samuel Glenn Sanger and Reinetta Garber of Lebanon, Pa.
He was a mining maintence technician
for Phelps-Dodge Corp. in Tucson, Arizona.
He attended The Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, In.
He is survived by his wife Judith Aileen (they were married June 12, 1965);
son Douglas and daughters Rebecca, Karen, and Jennifer...
brothers...Ralph, Charles, Fred and Larry.
Richard and Judith had eight grandchildren.
He is greatly missed.



A still, small voice is calling me,
"Come back home to eternity".
Can't you hear the whisper in the wind?
It's inviting me to..."Enter in".
I do not wish to leave you here,
But, heavenly music, I can hear.
I'm flying away on a wisp of air,
Forgetting all my earthly cares.
Sorrow and pain, I'm leaving behind,
A light ahead brightly shines.
The Heavenly gates swing open wide,
As I reach my home on high.
My loved ones greet me where I stand,
Surveying the beauty of Heaven's land.
Mom and Dad have been at my side,
Since the instant I arrived.
God's Word has brought me safely through,
His Voice and Message, ever true!
Sheltered, forever, from all harm,
I'm safe with Jesus, in His arms.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©



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