The young boy glanced around the barn,
It was typical to ones on other farms.
Cobwebs were hanging all around...
There was not one clean rafter to be found!
Even so, he hoped this farm would have a mare,
About which he could love and care.
His dream mare was a quarter horse,
And she would work for him, of course.
And someday a beautiful foal she would bare,
Which he and his family could love and share.
Walking around, he looked into every stall,
(The barn reminded him of a shopping mall).
Stopping--a look of amazement crossed his face.
(Now, he knew he had come to the right place.)
It was love at first sight,
When he saw her standing in the light.
Her mane and tail were composed of strands of gold,
She was a beautiful sight to behold.
Her coat was sorrel--a golden brown,
And he was filled with delight at the prize he had found.
She had a white stripe running down her face,
Along which his fingers could lightly trace.
She watched him closely and did not move,
As if in doing so--he would disaprove.
But he looked straight into her eyes and knew
To him--she would be true.
She was the mare that he could love,
And he whispered a thank you to the Lord above
For letting him find Pretty Gal...
This beautiful horse would be his pal.
He continued to stroke and rub her neck,
Knowingthat he should inspect
This horse for any flaws of any kind.
(But, thank fully, there were none to find.)
She looked perfect in every way,
"Such a pretty girl", was all that he could say!
He took the reins, climbed on her back,
And could not tell of any training she lacked.
He worked her hard--put her through all the paces,
Then, while smiling inside and out--he patted her face.
Having a hard-working quarter horse was no longer a dream,
For this mare and this cowboy were now a team!

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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