I walked within my secret place,
Where times stands still and sorrows erase.
Where true peace and joy cannot be bound,
And love and kindness truly surround.
Those I love are forever there,
My secret place is for them to share.

My family and friends--here they reside--
Once they were gone--but here they're alive!
Oh, here he is!  My precious son!
I can feel his touch and his loving hug!
His sparkling eyes are all aglow,
And his gentle laughter softly flows.

Side by side, we sit again,
Our years apart are forgotten then!
Tears of happiness we cry--
When looking into each other's eyes.
I wish to stay forever here,
And keep him always close and near.

Here we walk hand in hand,
Barely noticing the beauty of this secret land.
Boundless joy overflows this mother's heart--
When I dare to dream that we'll never part!
But, then a ray--a streak of light--
Brings me harshly back into my night.

As daylight breaks,
And I awake...
My secret place fades away--
Along with my son from my yesterdays.
Hot, burning tears stream down from my eyes,
And my heart breaks again as I realize...
My secret place--so real--it seemed...
Can only be found within my dreams.

Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©