In an instant, in a moment,
On this earth, no longer present.
This life is over, dreams are past,
I have achieved the goal at last.
Here there is no pain,
there is no sorrow,
I have stepped into tomorrow.

In this moment, I can see,
All my life is now memories.
The ones I love so dear--
Cannot speak with me here.
I am no longer in their sight,
I'm with Jesus, safe in His Light.

Jesus gave His all for me,
Because He did, I now am free!
He hung on Calvary's cross--
And paid all the cost
So you and I could be
With Him, forever, in eternity.

He sent a Prophet to our age,
To speak His Word,
and bring His Message.
He pointed out the way
To be with Jesus on that eternal day.
Forever, with our Lord, above,
Surrounded by His perfect Love.

In this moment, I can see--
There is no need to look behind me.
What lies ahead is so much more
Than all that came before.
In this moment a new day begins,
For with Jesus, Life never ends!

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©







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