My days seem dark and extremely forlorn,
Howbeit, the wind is blowing soft and warm.
The sun stays hidden behind the clouds,
So it feels like rain and my tears are unbound.
Someone told me time heals all wounds,
But it must be much later rather than soon.
My hurt is just as deep as it was at the first,
Homesickness has become an enormous thirst.

I will be glad when time fulfills its duty.
And we can walk into everlasting beauty.
But for now Iím still here and I wait...
I am on the earthbound side of Heavenís gate.
I can see where my loved onesí body rests,
(I am still sure that Godís way is best).
But this feeling of loss will never cease,
My homesickness just grows and tends to increase.

Soon my time will be finished; my work will be done,
My body will fail; my earthy race will be won.
Everyday I get closer to the ending of my time,
(I will be happy to cross to the heavenly side).
There I can see my loved one's smiling face,
There we can once again embrace.
We will walk together on the golden shore...
We will be with Jesus forevermore.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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