January 29, 1893--September 9,1978


Grandmother dear,
Your memory, tonight, is especially clear.
You walk softly in my mind,
You awaken old memories for me to find.
You have been gone these many years,
But, thoughts of you still bring on tears.

Holidays were always full of fun and play,
The days were too short and I longed to stay.
Every Sunday we could be found,
At your table, gathered round.
Cakes, pies and cookies were there to eat,
(You always had special treats).

Grandma, you were always quiet and serene,
Your observations were truly keen.
You lived your life as best you could,
You shunned the wrong and embraced the good.
Christ was the master of your ship,
He was with you throughout your entire trip.

When sickness held you bound in bed,
You looked at Heaven up ahead.
You never dwelt within the pain,
Through death--you had Heaven to gain.
Jesus had never left you alone,
The angels carried you to your heavenly home.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©








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