January 3, 1901--May 1991


January three is our birthday...
I always think of you on this day.
If you were here, or I were there,
So many things we would share.
I'd tell you how much my boys have grown,
And of all the things that I have been shown.
My children and grandchildren,
we would discuss,
And how to help them with out much fuss.
My grandchildren mean so much to me
And you would laugh and smile knowingly.
I would talk to you about losing my son
And how the pain in my chest weighs a ton.
Then, since you have known the pain I feel,
I know that you could tell me how to deal
With my loss and continue on with life
And not give-in to the pain and strife.
You always gave me good advice in the past,
And my time here... is running out fast.
I count the years since you have been gone,
And see my own years marching on.
I've missed you much, these many years,
And yes, I have cried many tears.
I long to see your smiling face,
And wish you could be with me in this place.
We were close, you and I,
Missing you makes me cry.
We were so alike in many ways...
Though many years were between us,
not days.
But, one day soon we'll talk
of heavenly things,
And together we'll listen to the angels sing.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©



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