A mother lay crying on her bed,
They had told her that her child was dead.
Many questions filled her mind,
But there were no answers for her to find.
A promise given long ago...
She called upon it's giver...
Since she could not step across the river.
Within her dreams, could He make things clear,
And tell her how...to have no fear?
The child was seen within a dream,
He was laying on the ground it seemed.
She did not recognize the place,
However, the child rose up
with a smile on his face.
The words he spoke
seemed to be an earnest plea...
By which he sought to put her heart at ease.
"Mama, I did not mean to crash my truck.
Mama, I didn't mean to leave you!"
But, there was nothing for her to forgive...
She only wished that he had lived.
The child reached out and touched her cheek,
(His touch was one that she did seek.)
Without hesitation, she too reached out,
And could hardly contain a joyful shout!
This was not just an ordinary dream,
Feeling his soft, warm skin...
her tears started to stream.
The joy she felt inside was real,
For his face...she could see, touch and feel!
The child looked deep into her eyes,
And she knew he was telling her good-bye.
Although the Giver of Life had called boy,
His mother will again have joy.
Someday when her life on earth is done...
Then she will go to the One...
He that gave us life,
Will take away all sorrow and strife.
Sweet dreams will become reality...
When awakening in Eternity!

 By Susan Elaine Collins ©








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