Please sit down and rest a spell
And hear my story I long to tell.

Many days ago there was a time
When through the valleys we would ride.
We climbed the highest hills
And raced through the open fields.
We chased the cows and roped the steers,
We always had fun, we had no fears.
The sky was blue, the grass was green;
And many carefree hours we were seen
Riding with the wind,
Going to and fro at a whim.

Oh, how good the days were
when we rode together!

He was a cowboy, that rider of mine,
I'd come when he whistled to be by his side.
He always dressed in hat and boots,
With never a thought to wearing a suit.
He wore jeans and vests and bolo ties
And buckles that displayed a cowboy ride.
He spoke of the day when he would be grown
And possess a ranch all his own
Where many long-horned steers
would forage and roam
In wide-open spaces,  he'd make his home.

How good the days were
when we rode together!

Sometimes my cowboy would stop
and look all around,
Lift his eyes to the sky
and kneel upon the ground.
He'd take off his hat and quietly pray,
Then thank the Lord for such a beautiful day.
We were great friends, my cowboy and I
And I never gave a
thought to saying "good-bye".
But, long days without him,
filled my heart with fear,
As I watched and waited for him to appear.
Then words were spoken of a terrible accident
And somehow, I knew, just what that meant.

Oh, how good the days were
when we rode together!

Now my days are dreary and just creep along,
My cowboy's not here to whistle a song.
I miss his quick laugh
and smooth, soothing voice,
(I remember...to enjoy the day,
was always his choice).
His family still comes to scratch behind my ears
And sometimes their sad eyes fill up with tears.
I look in their faces...there I can see...
They think of him when they look at me.
On this earth, I am a link to him.
But, they know in their hearts,
they will see him again!

He is with God and we all believe
Our cowboy lives on in Eternity!

But, I can still dream...
Of how good the days were
when we rode together.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©








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