The mare was big and stout,
She felt him hug her neck and he gave a shout
When he began to realize,
That he now possessed his prize.
Gal was bought for him to ride,
And he looked at her with loving pride.
Climbing in the saddle, he took the reins,
(He said it was easy to tell
she had been trained).

He had tried for many days and weeks,
To obtain this prize for him to keep.
He had to persuade his parents of the ways,
A horse could help him complete his days.
He had prayed that the Lord
would let him see,
His dream become a reality.
With Gal, he truly was a cowboy,
And his heart was bursting forth with joy.

Gal knew he loved to ride her everyday,
And he'd throw his rope every which-a-way.
He rode her fast, both feeling the wind.
They galloped up the hills
and around the bend.
He would throw his rope and lasso the cattle,
Then tie them quickly to his saddle.
The calves would bawl and jump and run,
And Gal was completly sure
they were having fun.

Gal knew the trail he liked to follow...
It was through the woods and up the hollow.
They watch the squirrels play in the leaves,
And heard the birds, as they sang in the trees.
The days were warm, and the sun was bright,
Many stars would shine
when day turned to night.
Sometimes the cowboy would kneel and pray,
Gal listened silently, to every word he'd say.

But now Gal runs through the fields alone,
Even the wind sings in a different tone.
Sunny days are not so bright,
Shadows walk across the light.
He could not even say "good-bye",
And the sadness shows within her eyes.
An accident stole her joy
and destroyed her bliss...
Her loving cowboy is greatly missed.


By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©








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