I closed my eyes and fought for sleep,
My memories, I sought to keep.
I must rest my weary self,
And look for answers that will help
Me face each coming day,
And make me glad that I have stayed.
My eyes are closed, I am asleep,
Now I can think and not weep.
I walk softly within my dreams,
Where things are not always what they seem.
Here I seek to touch that inner part of me,
Not bound by earthly needs.
Remembered words have clarity,
My universe has parity.
Here I feel no ambivalence,
For here is only equivalence.
I choose to think I might be clever,
If I could stay forever.
The dream continues and I walk,
Through the mists that swirl and talk.
Hearing his name roll off my tongue,
I see my son, forever remembered,
forever young.
Dale stands now just beyond my sight,
Imersered completely in God's Light.
Now, I feel the presence of God surrounding,
And with every breath my heart is pounding.
Quickly now, I try to reach...
But, the dream ends before I can breach
This time and step beyond this space...
Where my precious Lord I can embrace.

By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©








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