You chose me out from all the others,
Offering to share a life together.
Little problems may arise,
But together, we will seek the prize.
We followed the path on the right,
Keeping Jesus in our sight.
Our children were born--gifts of love,
Sent to us from heaven above.
We hear the joy and laughter ring,
And within our home, their voices sing.
Then there came a very dark day,
One of our children passed away.
With shattered hearts, and tear brimmed eyes,
Hand in hand, we will get by.
Our Lord is always by our side,
And with His help, we will survive.
When our grandchildren were born--gifts of love,
Sent to us from heaven above.
On our heartstrings they would pull and tug,
Sweet innocent babies for us to hug.
Once again, we hear the laughter ring,
And now, new little voices sing.
Time marches on, as it should,
(Would we stop it, if we could?)
Even now, our hair is turning gray,
Not too much longer, can we stay.
Our eyes are growing dim,
We must soon return to Him.
Our Lord is here, always by our side,
And soon, with Him, we will reside.

1999 ©


~Dale's Parents~


Big Brother David was born.



Our family in 1978

Our family in 1979

Our family in 1980

Our family in 1981

Our family in 1983
Dale was ring bearer at his cousin
Rebecca Sanger Parker's wedding

Our family in 1985
Dale was once again a ring bearer
at his big brother David's wedding to Sharon Evans

Our family
Sedona, AZ 1990
Dale, Mom, Dad, Dean & Daniel

Our family in 1993
Dad, Mom, Daniel, Dean, Sharon (David's wife) & David
Levi (David's son) & Dale in the front

Our family in 1994
Dale, Mom, Dad, Daniel & Dean

Our family in 1997
Dad and Mom in back
Daniel & Dale in front

Our family in 2001

Our family in 2004






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