Early in the morning,
I was caught without warning.
My sleep--I could not shake
It seemed, I could not awake!

Suddenly, I was surrounded by fog and haze
Of various colors of blues and grays.
Walking through those mists
that swirled and churned
I tried to discover what could be learned.

Everything looked so very unreal,
So, I reached out to touch and feel.
Then, a voice, a song...caught my attention...
And I remembered a long ago rendition.

Soon familiar faces greeted me,
From my past, they smiled so sweetly.
I saw my son, as he came to mind,
Before vanishing away in the swirling tide.

For just a moment--his face was clear
(Gone were my sorrows and my tears!)
I heard his laugh, I saw him grin...
(My heart had ached for the sight of him!)

But, now he has joined those familiar faces
From my past remembered places.
Together, they move and march along,
Singing an everlasting song.

But, all too soon, my sleep flees away
And I must begin another day.
But, maybe early tomorrow morning...
I may be caught again, without warning...


By Susan Elaine Collins 2001 ©








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