July 18, 1979--July 28, 1997



Today should be your twentieth birthday,
And there are many things I would like to say.
Of course, I love you, is at the top of my list,
And how very much you have been missed.
But, it seems so long,
Since you heard Heaven's song,
And Jesus called you home.

What would I say if you were here--
And I could speak without a tear?
I'd say that you have always been a joy,
Ever since you first became my little boy.
I held you in my arms,
Enchanted by your charms,
For Jesus put you in our home.

If I could just hear your voice,
Oh, how I would rejoice.
If I could look into your eyes,
Then my wish--I would realize.
If I could see your smiles,
Perhaps I could walk these many miles,
'Til Jesus calls me home.

But now is not the time for sorrow,
I must look beyond tomorrow.
I do not walk alone this last mile,
My Lord is with me through this trial.
Someday soon, we will sing--
We'll be together with our King!
When Jesus brings me home.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 2000 ©


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