June 9, 1951--August 2, 1958


Many years ago,
Forty years or so,
A mother gave her son a kiss
And told him sweetly-- she would miss
Him for these two days,
But, with grandma and grandpa, he could stay.

But, as he started out the door,
He thought of something more,
"I'll see you in th morning, Mother."
He pointedly said these words to her, no other.
He looked her directly in the eye,
It seemed important for him to say good-bye.

He had just reached seven years,
And as such, he was without too many fears.
On this adventure he would go,
With the grandpa, he loved so.
Camping trips were always fun;
There were many places he could run.

Through the mountains, by many trees,
He watched the squirrels and honey bees.
Now, a deer runs swiftly by,
"Could I catch it, if I try?"
The day was warm and bright,
But, all too soon, came the night.

The gun went off by accident...
The quiet of the night was rent.
In his grandma's arms, he died,
Without a tear or a cry.
He had never made a single sound,
But, no life in him could be found...

His mother cried out in terrible pain,
As her many tears fell like rain.
Unspeakable words rang in her ear...
"Your child is dead"...
(The words all parents fear).
This pain his parents share,
Is almost more than they can bear.

These parents lost a child they love,
But they still held their faith in God above.
God makes a way to help us through,
And gives us comfort--this is true.
Billy will be waiting on the shore,
He is safe with Jesus, evermore.

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©
Background pencil drawing by Dale









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