Not too many visits do I make,
Since coming here is hard to take.
I never thought I'd be around
To see your body put in the ground.
This cemetary is quiet and serene,
(Someone tried to create a peaceful scene.)

But, memories crowd around me here,
And I must always shed a tear.
What was is no longer.
The pain I feel could not get stronger...
Deep within it cuts like a knife--
To part me from enjoying life.

But, God gave us all allotted time,
And I must continue to live mine.
But, it's hard to do without you here...
I'll keep on crying many tears.
Our family circle tore apart,
Leaving behind my broken heart.

When my earthly time ends,
And for me, eternity begins...
At the river we will meet,
And walk together on the golden street.
We will watch for Dad and your brothers,
And wait with them to meet the others.

When all of our loved ones have arrived,
And all have crossed the heavenly tide...
Our family circle will again be complete,
Then friends and neighbors we'll go to meet.
There together, God's praises we will sing...
We'll live together with our king!

 By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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