William Dale Collins

The above picture was taken from a video
made within two weeks of his accident...July 1997


Sunday, July 27, 1997.

The accident...
On that evening, Dale attended Church.
Afterwards, he spent some time with his girlfriend
and her family before heading home.
His accident happened at 12:20 AM (eastern time).
He was only 25 miles from home.
His small pick-up truck
and a tractor-trailor hit head on.
Dale was taken instantly.

His funeral was July 31, 1997,
at The Branham Tabernacle.
The internment:
Eastern Cemetery,
Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Dale was an artist and he had drawn a picture of his mare and what he envisioned her foal would look like (1st picture below). We had his drawing of Gal and her foal etched on the stone above where his body lays.

~The Child I Cannot See~

I miss the child I cannot see,
And long for him to be with me.
There is no way to touch,
It seems, save only in my dreams.
But, within my heart, there is a place
Where I can see his smiling face.

This child that has gone out of sight,
Still lives today in bright sunlight.
He walks among the trees, at break of day,
Through the grass, he makes his way;
Picking flowers as he walks,
And to his horse, he still talks.

Sometimes he rides high in the saddle,
Throwing ropes to lasso the cattle.
Sometimes he rides up the hills
Into vast fields of daffodils.
Other times, he walks along,
Sometimes whistling a happy song.

Within my heart, there is no time,
No clocks to tick, chirp or chime.
There are no hours, days or years,
Deep within my heart, there are no tears.
For all is there as it had been,
A young boy gone, lives again.

 By Dale's Mama...Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©


To those of us who knew him, his life made a big impact. He was a Christian and he believed the Message. We know where he is and we will see him again.

"Be not afraid, only believe". Mark 5:36




This stone is in a rest area along I-75.
It is a memorial to those killed on
Kentucky's highways from 1996 through 2005.
It reads: "Please observe a moment of silence
in memory of the loved ones who lost their lives
on Kentucky highways in years past".


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