A Breath Away



They said it was an accident,
But the angels, God had sent.
Never going far that day...
Only just a breath away.
Walking on the golden shore,
Only good could be instore.
Weep not for me,
For I am free,
I am in Eternity!
No one has a burden to bear,
They never have a care.
No one has anything to fear,
They never cry one single tear.
There is no sickness and no pain...
No death to make tears fall like rain.
Weep not for me,
For I am free,
I am with Jesus Eternally!
Although I am now out of sight,
Continue on in Jesus' Light.
On this side I wait for you...
Yes, I miss you too!
When your life on earth is past,
Together we shall be at last.
Weep not for me,
Forever we shall be,
With Jesus in Eternity!

By Susan Elaine Collins 1999 ©








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