I started writing poetry after the sudden death of my youngest son, Dale.
He had a traffic accident on July 28, 1997--hitting an eighteen-wheeler head-on.
After two years of missing him, I wrote my first poem (for his birthday), titled simply
"Dale".  Writing that poem seemed to help me, so I continued to write.
Now my husband, Billy has joined Dale in Heaven.
Billy passed away January 17, 2008 in Saskatoon, Sasketchewan, Canada.
I was with him...he passed away from a pulmonary embolism.
Most of my poems are religious in nature because Christ is the center of my life.
I can only get through these losses with the help of God,
a lot of prayer, wonderful children and family
and good, kind, and caring friends.

Susan, Billy's wife & Dale's mom


September 29, 1946 - January 17, 2008



What words can you use when your heart is broken?
How can the depth of loss be described and spoken?
No, I’m not alone in this terrible plight,
Many others have watched as their loved ones took flight.
Others know the pain, they know the loss,
When they are left here and their loved ones cross.
Beyond the veil, Brother Branham stepped,
To show us the way—if Christ we accept.

Billy is gone—we can no longer touch,
He was my one and only true love and I loved him so much.
For over forty years we laughed and we loved,
But “Forever” awaits us in Heaven above.
His children and grandchildren were loved one and all,
Pa held them close to his heart and was always on call.
His family circle included dear friends,
And these friendships of love will never end.
At his post of duty he felt honored to stand,
Greeting each believer—shaking each hand.
The voice of the Prophet he was glad to have heard,
He believed God’s Message and followed His Word.

Yes, our hearts are heavy and his family grieves,
But God called him home—so he had to leave.
Brother Branham touched his shoulders—for now it was time...
He could rest with God on the other side.
He asked to open the door—then swiftly stepped through,
When the time was right, the dove of peace flew.
As I watched it flutter and fly up and away...
Though my heart was broken, I couldn’t ask him to stay.
Besides Dale being there to welcome him home,
He had so many loved ones—he didn’t cross alone.
So now beyond the veil he waits for me...
In that beautiful place where I long to be.
Though we are all waiting for our time to arrive...
Billy’s race was finished—he has won the prize.

 By Susan Elaine Collins January 2008 ©


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