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Read one woman's account of the process of grieving and learning to live again...

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Susan Elaine Collins was raised in a Christian home, and God was the center of her life.  She always believed that God had a plan for her and her family.  She felt safe and secure in that knowledge.

In 1997, her youngest son, William Dale, 18, was killed in a traffic accident.  Shaken to the innermost part of her being, Susan writes in her book how his death affected her life and the lives of her family.

This is the story of her pain and struggle during that difficult time.  Through prose and poetry, she relate the impact that God, her family, and good friends had on her life and her ability to cope with the loss of Dale.  She tells how she learned to live again after Dale's death.


They said it was an accident,
But the angels, God had sent.
Never going far that day,
Only just a breath away.
Walking on the golden shore,
Only good could be in store.
Weep not for me,
For I am free,
I am in Eternity!

Not one has a burden to bear,
They never have one care.
No one has anything to fear,
They never cry one single tear.
There is no sickness, and no pain,
No death to make tears fall like rain.
Weep not for me,
For I am free,
I am with Jesus eternally!

Although I am now out of sight,
Continue on in Jesus' light.
On this side I wait for you,
Yes, I miss you too!
Then when your life on earth is past,
Together we shall be at last.
Weep not for me,
Forever we shall be,
With Jesus in Eternity!

The author:

Susan Collins was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and brought up in a Christian home.  After graduating from high school and FA Art School, her family moved to Tucson, Arizona where she met and married Billy Collins.  They had four sons.

In 1995 Susan, her husband and two of their sons moved to a small farm in Kentucky.  She and her husband still live among the rolling hills of Kentucky.

A Breath Away is Susan's first book.

What do other people think of the book?

Chariot Rider Reviews says...

Susan Collins has produced a heart-wrenching book of poetry combined with a story of anguish and grief, that can't help but pull at your heartstrings.  Losing a child is a devastating experience, which Ms. Collins, unfortunately had the misfortune to experience.  She shares her experiences through the grieving process with superb finesse.  Her brother was killed in a tragic hunting accident when she was eleven.  Her young son, Dale, was killed in an unexpected automobile accident years later.

Ms. Collins was forced to go through an ordeal no parent should ever have to experience.  She brings her readers with her through the heartrending ordeal with grace and dignity.  Her poems are touching and comforting.

During the grieving process, her faith in God never wavered.  Her poems and story offer encouragement to others who have suffered a tragic loss.  This is a book that will offer comfort and faith to many in need.

Rebecca Wire of Roundtable Reviews:

Ten days after his eighteenth birthday, Dale Collins is killed in a car accident. With her son's unfulfilled hopes and dreams haunting her, Susan Collins must begin life without Dale.  Her strong faith in Jesus gives her the grace and courage to go on.  In A BREATH AWAY, Susan Elaine Collins tells the story of how she learned to survive and how others can too.

A BREATH AWAY invites the reader into the Collins home.  We meet the children and later join Collins as she deals with her loss.  The chapters outline the stages of grief as she eaperiences each.  Poems about Dale's life, mourning his life, and the path to healing are found throughout the chapters.

Through her grief, Collins is able to offer others a tremendous source of understanding and encouragement.  She tells her story while emphasizing to readers that grief is both necessary and personal.  Her words are compassonate; her message are inspiring.

At times, the poetry interrupts the flow of the story.  Even so, the sentiment is beautifully illustrated.  As a mother, I cried for her family and the loss of their son.  As a Christian, I rejoiced in her unfaltering faith in God, in His provision of peace and in His promises of hope.

Latrice Williams, Author of Life's Experiences
Coffee Cramp Reviews:

Susan Elaine Collins is undoubtedly a woman of great strength, courage and faith in God.  A BREATH AWAY is a fine writing detailing the trials and tribulations faced during Collins' lifetime.  She is most certainly one who can be deemed extraordinary.

A BREATH AWAY is a detailed account of Susan Elaine Collins' life, the loss of her brother and her son and the undying love she held for both.  She has opened up to her audience and allowed us to share her love, her pain, and her victory in her story.  Although this story is heart wrenching in the aspect of her losses, it is even more encouraging for those who may be experiencing or have experienced a similar loss.

Susan Elaine Collins should be heralded as not only a great author, but her story and strength should be told for years to come to inspire others and hopefully share the love of Christ that has sustained her through the roughest times of life.

LeRoy Coffie, author of five books:  The Book, The Ark, The Thief, The Christians, and Paul, The Christian Vampire.

A BREATH AWAY is a must buy book for those who have lost a loved one.  The author tells us the story about the death of Dale, her eighteen year old boy.  She takes us through her grieving process.  The reader hurts with the author throughout the book.  I felt the author's love and I felt her pain.

Susan Elaine Collins is a great storyteller.  Her book is full of great poems and mixed in is a real life story.  Not a boring story, but a very interesting story.  By the time I put down the book, I felt like I was part of the family.  I wish the best for the author and her family.  I hope to read her work in the future.  Next time, I hope to read a happy story.

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